Learning and Teaching Charter

Our Lady of Sion College embraces learning as a life-long endeavour. We educate our young women to be prepared for the ever-changing world through a holistic education which develops skills, knowledge, behaviours and values that will offer them the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. Our Lady of Sion College is a learning community that offers opportunities that enable our young women to become individuals filled with hope, who speak to the divine within themselves and beyond their imagining.

We are a learning community that values:

  • The uniqueness and respect for each person
  • Engagement with the local and global community
  • A spirit of inquiry
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Striving for personal excellence


Students aim to

Staff aim to

Know and understand themselves as learners and take responsibility for their own learning

Know their students and ensure that their learning is purposeful, engaging and accessible. Encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning

Contribute to the learning of others as well as themselves

Create a safe and positive learning environment where student opinions and ideas are valued

Engage with the local and global community

Provide opportunities for learning within and beyond the classroom

Strive for deep understanding through open mindedness, reflection, an openness to the other including those of other faiths, perseverance and asking questions

Provide opportunities for deep learning and understanding through:

- creativity, critical thinking and evaluation

- considering multiple perspectives

- high level subject and pedagogical knowledge

Be willing to explore different approaches to expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas and solving problems

Encourage students to value their own and other perspectives and experiences and be innovative and resourceful

Reach their full potential

Set challenging and achievable expectations based on individual needs

Be open to feedback, reflect upon their progress and take action to improve their learning

Provide regular and meaningful feedback on student learning including opportunities for peer and self-evaluation as well as providing guidance for different learning pathways

Display resilience and a growth mindset

Allow students to develop resilience and encourage them to have a growth mindset