Individual Learning Needs

The individual learning needs of students are met at Our Lady of Sion College. We recognise and value the different needs and gifts of all our students. Teachers prepare lessons to cater for and engage all the students and additional support is provided in many ways including the following three programs.

 Student Learning Support
The student learning support team provides literacy, numeracy and life skills support to students who require an individual learning program and to those who have learning difficulties. Support for students is provided by teachers and teacher aides.

 Gifted and Talented Program
The gifted and talented program supports the development of students requiring enhancement studies. Support is provided to students via a negotiated curriculum and through a range of co-curricular programs which are offered. Students are able to complete Unit 1 & 2 VCE subjects in Year 10 and Unit 3 & 4 VCE subjects in Year 11 upon meeting application criteria. Students have the option of completing VCE Enhancement subjects as part of their Year 12 program.

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 ESL (English as a second language)

Support is provided to ESL students through a program which offers specific help with literacy skills as well as facilitating a more general support network. Student reports use the ESL continuum for English where appropriate.