Instrumental Music Program

Our Lady of Sion College Music Department Vision Statement

The Our Lady of Sion College Music Department strives to imbue in students a passion and appreciation for music listening, playing and performance.

To achieve this we:

  • Actively support students in setting and achieving goals with independence.
  • Value critical thinking and collaboration in learning.
  • View enhancing resilience and self-confidence as a priority.
  • Provide opportunities to foster students’ sense of self within the community.

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The primary focus of the Music Department at Our Lady of Sion College is to promote the enjoyment of music through creating and performing with others.

Many of our girls have taken up the opportunity of instrumental tuition and ensemble work which has lead them to university studies in Music and participation in community orchestras, choirs and bands.


For more information and to complete the online enrollment form, please select the following link to view the brochure for the Instrumental Music Program

In addition to our comprehensive curriculum, we offer the following instruments for private tuition:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Basslearning and teaching - instrumental music program 5
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • Clarinet
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Tenor Saxophonelearning and teaching - instrumental music program 1
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • French Horn
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Percussion
  • Drum Kit
  • Electric Bass
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Voice

This leads to participation in our music ensemble program. All students at the College are invited to become members of the following ensembles:

  • College Vocal Ensemble
  • College Choir
  • Year 7 Choirlearning and teaching - instrumental music program 3
  • Senior Concert Band
  • Intermediate Concert Band
  • Intermediate String Ensemble
  • Junior Concert Bands
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • College Rock Band
  • String Orchestra
  • Junior String Orchestra
  • Ratisbonne String Quartet
  • Flute Ensemble 
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble

If you have any questions about the music program at Our Lady of Sion College, please feel free to contact the Music Office at the College.

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