Frequently asked questions

1. What model iPad is being used by the students?

Students will be provided with a 32GB iPad Air for Year 7 2015 with wireless capability.


2. How will the iPad help my daughter to learn?

The iPad will provide your daughter with one to one technology for her learning.  This will allow her to have quick access to the internet, electronic course documents and a range of educational applications (apps).  This resource offers the potential to help your daughter develop knowledge and skills.  It is also a great tool for organisation and time management.


3. Does my daughter need to bring her iPad to school every day?

Yes, your daughter needs to charge up her iPad each night and bring it to school ready for use every day except days such as Sion Day, retreat days, House Athletics Day and House Swimming Day.


4. Can my daughter access the internet at home on her iPad?

Your daughter can access the internet at home on her iPad if your home has a wireless internet connection.


5. How should my daughter pay for any educational apps that she needs?

Please use iTunes cards only and do not link your daughter’s iTunes account with a credit card.


6. Some book listed textbooks were listed as electronic textbooks.  How will they need to be added to my daughter’s iPad?

Electronic textbooks are added to the iPad in many different ways.  Your daughter will be shown how to add the textbooks to her iPad at school by her classroom teacher. 


7. Can my daughter put personal materials on her iPad?

No.  The iPad is provided for educational purposes and therefore no other materials, including music and personal photographs and video can be added to the College provided iPad.


8. How can I keep my daughter’s use of her iPad and other technology to a reasonable level at night so that she can sleep free from distraction?

The College recommends that parents ask their daughter to place their iPad and other devices such as phones in a central place in the house (such as the kitchen) from an agreed time at night so that iPads and phones etc. are not in the bedroom at night.


9. Will the students be allowed to use the iPads during breaks at school?

At recess and lunchtime students may only use iPads in the LRC and study rooms.  Students are not permitted to use their iPads in the yard.


10. How will my daughter be prepared for written exams in Year 12 if she is using an iPad at school?

The iPad can help your daughter to develop the thinking required to perform well in an exam; however, it will not be used all of the time and students will complete hand written tasks within their learning program.  The College will continue to run formal examination periods twice a year for both Year 10 and Year 11 students to help best prepare them for Year 12 examinations.


11. How is the College going to help keep my daughter cyber safe at school?

Students learn about cyber safety as part of the learning program.  Proactive programs are run as part of the curriculum in several subjects including the Pastoral Care program.  The College internet restricts access to inappropriate sites.


12. How can I check my daughter’s internet history?

You can do this two ways:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select  Safari -> Advanced
  • Select Website Data

Or, you can:

  • Open Safari
  • Select the Bookmarks icon and the history is displayed.


13. What should my daughter do if her iPad is damaged?

Your daughter should take her iPad to the ICT Help Desk located in the Learning Resource Centre and report the damage.  A hot swap system is in place to allow for a damaged iPad to be replaced by another iPad.  If the iPad is lost or damaged (through negligent or careless use that is outside warranty conditions) and not attributed to normal wear and tear, then the parent/guardian is required to pay the insurance excess which is currently $150.


14. Is it true that iPads have inbuilt cameras and video cameras?

Yes, iPads have the capability of taking still and moving images as well as having the ability to record audio, which are most valuable learning tools.   Students, however need to understand that explicit permission is required from people who are to be videoed, photographed or to be audio recorded.  Breach of this requirement would see College discipline procedures applied.


15. Can my daughter bring in another iPad and use it?

No, the College iPads are the only iPads that can be used.  These iPads allow for important school details, including insurance protection and appropriate internet settings.


16. Can I buy the iPad for my daughter at the end of the term of the iPad? 

It will be possible to purchase the iPad.  The cost cannot be provided until the time of purchase and will be determined by the leasing company in light of market value.