Year 12 Studio Arts Excursion

26 August 2014 | General Interest

Year 12 Studio Arts  Excursion 1

The Year 12 Studio Arts class was given the opportunity to explore the unique art gallery spaces that the city of Melbourne had to offer, as part of the classes core studies of unit 4 Studio Arts.  

We set out to observe a number of iconic locations including the iconic NGV Australia/Ian Potter Gallery, NGV International, Flinders Lane Gallery, Platforms at Flinders street, The Nicholas Building and many other beautiful and exquisite gallery spaces. 

Year 12 Studio Arts  Excursion-2

The excursion was a way for the class to become more familiar with the artistic domain and observe how artworks are presented to the public, for both enjoyment and commission purposes. 

It was very beneficial and intriguing experience for the class as we learnt a number of aspects to galleries that we were never truly aware of before the excursion. The experience expanded our knowledge of the art world, while allowing us to get up and close with a number of gallery environments.