Strategic Directions Project

Our Lady of Sion College

Strategic Directions Statement – Our Core Commitments

2014 – 2021


See, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare;

before they spring forth, I tell you of them. (Isaiah 42: 9)

As responsible stewards of the history, tradition and future of Our Lady of Sion College, Box Hill, we, the College Board and Leadership Team, will work collaboratively to pursue and achieve the following directions. These directions will guide our strategic planning for the period 2014 to 2020.


The College will live and develop its Catholic identity and tradition, in its best and richest sense. Sion graduates will have highly developed inner lives and will be drawn to a life of Christian discipleship.

The College will continue to embody and promote the Sionian Charism, with a strengthened emphasis on dialogue with and learning about the Biblical and Judeo Christian tradition, on inter-faith understanding and the enactment of justice, peace and love.


The College will educate for and support practices that promote sustainable development for present and future generations. 

Students will be highly engaged in a personalised and purposeful learning and teaching culture. They will be confident, creative, highly competent and adaptable learners for the digital age.

Students will develop a disposition for lifelong learning, collaboration and teamwork to enable access to a broad range of vocational pathways and ongoing participation in a changing workforce.

Students will be global citizens, with stronger connections to and partnerships with our Asian neighbours.


Students will be supported to maintain healthy relationships, develop their social and emotional intelligence, value their spiritual and physical wellbeing and grow in resilience and hope.

Students will be equipped for leadership roles in adulthood through rich and diverse experiences during their College years.


The College will ensure sustainable growth of the College's educational, financial and physical resources.  Learning spaces and facilities will stimulate and support student engagement and be adaptable to emerging learning dynamics and priorities.

The College will attract and invest in a diverse, creative and committed staff. We will support and resource high level professional learning and build leadership capacity.


The College will foster and strengthen relationships with parents, enabling them to engage in their daughter's education.

The College will proactively pursue local, regional and international partnerships and networks to build social capital and enhance student learning.