College Board

Our Lady of Sion College Board

The business of the Company is managed by a Board of Directors who are appointed by the Members of the Company.

The vision of the College Board

Our vision is to provide holistic, Catholic education and life skills for young women, embracing the Sion Charism, modern education initiatives and social justice.

The mission of the College Board

To facilitate an environment for:

  • The continuity of the Sion Charism
  • The provision of up to date education initiatives
  • The preparation of students who are ready for the world; happy, competent, critical thinkers,leaders, self-motivated, principled with integrity and with an understanding and respect for each other and their environment

The College Mission will be directed and implemented:

  • By our Principal and teachers who are competent, passionate, understanding, embrace the Sion Charism and are psychologically informed
  • The mission will be understood and embraced by the wider school community

The Values of the College Board

The values which will guide our decision making are:

  • Peace
  • Justice
  • Hope
  • Optimism
  • Reconciliation
  • Community-focused
  • Perseverance
  • Leadership
  • Unity with respect/appreciation of diversity