Notre Dame Students (Year 11 & 12 students)

Symbolism of 'Notre Dame'

Mary as a role model for young women demonstrated conviction and courage through her words and actions that displayed reliability, trustworthiness, fidelity, faithfulness in, and a love for God.

A sense of belonging is important in all aspects of the senior student’s lives and at the College we strive to provide an environment that nurtures each individual.

In accordance with the ethos of the Sisters of Sion to create an atmosphere of hospitality and welcome, our vision would be that the Notre Dame centre would be a place where each student continues to be appreciated for their gifts and talents, equal value would be placed on all pathways, and an adult environment would be encouraged, to empower the students to take greater responsibility for all aspects of their learning including their involvement within the College community.

Continued House membership will further promote and encourage involvement and inclusion of students at all year levels, hence fostering the House and School spirit of the college.

We would like to see all students feel a sense of ownership and pride in the Notre Dame centre that reflects an understanding of the traditions of the College, which encompass community, support, openness, communication, leadership, growth and maturity.

Learning is an integral aspect of all students’ lives and is based on growth, maturity and ownership.

Our vision would be that within the Notre Dame Centre students will use initiative and take responsibility for their personal learning pathway, will be proactive and assertive with their learning and focus on setting and aspiring to meet purposeful goals.

Students will be encouraged to work collaboratively and to support each other within all aspects of their learning in accordance with the philosophy that, “The better we do, the better I do”

In the mission statement the College promotes concern for justice, truth, reconciliation and peace, and calls us to be people who build bridges with others and remain open to change. Notre Dame students will be reflective, confident and socially aware, enabling them to develop a strong sense of self and an appreciation of and respect for others.

Notre Dame students will all be seen as leaders and positive role models and therefore be expected to demonstrate qualities that reflect all college expectations, such as pride in the college, connectedness to all within the Sion community and a willingness to communicate with maturity with both peers and staff.

Notre Dame students will be empowered to acknowledge the presence of God in their daily lives so they can continue their faith filled journey, exploring their personal beliefs and understandings and take up opportunities for increased involvement in social justice activities.

Through teaching and living out the scripture Notre Dame will equip students to have the courage to speak the truth, the energy to act for change and the compassion to be a healing and nurturing presence in our community and beyond.

It is hoped that through their exposure to the Charism of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion that the students will remain open to interfaith connections.

Theodore Ratisbonne suggested that the culture and religious beliefs of all should be respected and the Sisters of Sion have maintained this vision by acting to replace prejudice and segregation with full appreciation of the dignity of each human person.

Notre Dame Students will be given opportunities to follow in the footsteps of the Sisters and add their own mark to the history of the college. As the senior members of the college they will be leaders in promoting action which supports the Sionian charism.

During the final two years the students will be encouraged to see and understand they are a part of the fabric of the College which not only connects them with the history but is also helping to create the future for those who follow.