Child Safety

As a Catholic and Sionian school, our moral, legal and mission driven responsibility is to create an environment where the dignity of each person is respected and all staff strive towards the full flourishing of each student. We uphold each student's sacredness and unique giftedness, and work towards her fulfilment by creating a nurturing, welcoming and safe environment. We recognise the diverse spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs and the development of those within our community, and we remain strongly committed to a culture of child safety and a zero tolerance for child abuse. Below you will find the policies and code that support child safety within our community.

CECV Commitment Statement to Child Safety

Our Lady of Sion Child Safety Policy

Our Lady of Sion Reporting Obligations Policy

Our Lady of Sion Code of Conduct

DET PROTECT - Identifying and responding to all forms of abuse in Victorian schools guide