Pastoral Care Policy

17The motto of Our Lady of Sion College is 'VERITAS IN CARITATE'. These words, 'Truth in Love', capture the essence of the passage in Ephesians 4:11-16 from which they were taken. The passage issues a call to all God's people to grow into unity with one another and full maturity centred in Christ. By respecting and encouraging the diversity of gifts possessed by different individuals, the community will guide itself to greater strength through love.

'Speaking the truth in love' is the way to draw people towards maturity. The indecision and changeable loyalties of youth can be transformed into a consistent orientation of values. In any community there are also some who have been hurt by negative experiences but who are able to grow and mature through love.

Our school motto is thus an apt and sound foundation on which to build a pastoral care policy at Our Lady of Sion College.


Supportive organisational structures
All members of our college community, while exercising different roles, are expected to be motivated by the same fundamental principles. The organisation and structural arrangement of the college is significant in enhancing the climate of care.

Quality of relationships
A call to respect the dignity and the rights of each individual must be matched by the responsibility to act in a way which promotes the good in all. Initiatives are to be encouraged, but each person may also need the opportunity to experience and recognise the tension between being an individual, yet part of a community - a tension fundamental to Christianity.

Naming and knowing
Being known as a person is of vital importance to all human beings. Since we live in an increasingly impersonal world, our pastoral care at Our Lady of Sion must consciously strive to maintain the 'Sion Family Spirit'. Each person will be known by name, and in the same biblical sense, know that she or he belongs in the community, with individual differences valued and making a unique contribution to the whole.

Self discipline and responsibility
In an atmosphere of compassion, acceptance and understanding, students must be encouraged to learn that they are responsible for their own actions. Actions have consequences, and an acceptance of these consequences is a sign of the individual's increasing maturity.

To enable students to develop in this way, staff must be consistent in following through with disciplinary measures. If students experience a spirit of positive cooperation and commitment to the goals of discipline, they are more likely to respond constructively.

School-Family relationships and effective networks of care
Parents are the primary educators of their children, and nowhere more importantly than in the area of growth to maturity and integrity. The school sees it as vital that parents and staff work together to provide a consistent and supportive environment in which students may develop. In whatever ways possible, these links will be forged to make the partnership real and effective. 

The special needs of students and their families are supported by the establishment and coordination of effective support services.

Comprehensive and inclusive approaches

The College responds to students' pastoral needs with a range of programs. Every student learns in a unique way. The school values a variety of teaching and learning styles to ensure success.

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