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We, the Our Lady of Sion College community, acknowledge that we stand on what was, is and always will be Aboriginal land.
We pay our respects to the Wurundjeri people, their Elders past and present and emerging and commit ourselves to be concerned always for justice, truth, reconciliation and peace for all people.

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Parents' Association

The Our Lady of Sion College Parents’ Association is comprised of parents and guardians committed to supporting the College community in preparing students to embrace life and their futures.

We do this by:

  • attending events and engaging with the network of parents and guardians
  • volunteering for school organised events
  • being a sounding board for College leaders.

How can I be involved in the Parents’ Association?

When your daughter joins the College, you become a member of the Parents’ Association, and can then offer to be a volunteer and/or nominate onto the committee.

Why should we all be members of the Parents’ Association?

When parents and guardians partner with the College community they role model participation and community spirit to our students and, in particular, to their children.

Why do we pay a Parents’ Association levy?

This allows the Parents’ Association to focus on developing a community of parents rather than focusing on fundraising. We believe it is better for parents to attend events at the school, connect with other parents and participate in their daughter’s development.

What do I have to do as a member of the association?

The most important thing all members can do is to be a part of a community of parents and guardians supporting the school community. You simply do this by attending school events and connecting with other parents. Please refer to the Child Safety page for information about volunteer packs and Working with Children Checks.

What if I want to be more involved?

You can ask to be a part of the Parents’ Association Volunteers. As a part of this group you will have the chance to answer the call. The jobs are easy, such as cooking sausages on Open Day or wrapping potted Sion roses to present to Year 12 graduates, and require a small, focused commitment of time.

You could nominate to be on the Parents’ Association Committee, a small group of people who meet once a term to support the business of the Parents’ Association. You could also attend our year level dinners and meet the parents and guardians of your daughter’s peers in a relaxed environment.

These are easy ways to participate in the community, where you can choose the level of time you commit.