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We, the Our Lady of Sion College community, acknowledge that we stand on what was, is and always will be Aboriginal land.
We pay our respects to the Wurundjeri people, their Elders past and present and emerging and commit ourselves to be concerned always for justice, truth, reconciliation and peace for all people.

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Embrace Faith

FIRE Carrier School

As a College, we acknowledge that we are standing on country for which the members and elders of the local Aboriginal community and their ancestors have been custodians for thousands of years. We acknowledge their living culture and unique role in the life of this country. We acknowledge the Elders, past, present and future, together with their ancestors, and commit ourselves to ongoing reconciliation.

The story that Jesus told was a new way of caring about all people and all things. This was the same as the spirit ancestors of this land used to do. So, the Fire of New Dreaming story belongs to our school, just as the Scriptures.

As FIRE (Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education) Carriers, we have laid strong foundations in our school community to build respect, understanding and knowledge of our shared story that started in this rich land 60,000 years ago and continues today. At Our Lady of Sion College, we are the Living Flames that will ignite the Fire of New Dreaming of true justice, love, compassion and hope for the world today.

Indigenous Immersion

Students and staff are offered the opportunity to participate in an Indigenous Immersion, which sees us travel to the centre of Australia. This immersion allows us to strengthen our commitment to reconciliation. The students who attend Immersion are responsible for educating our community on important Aboriginal issues and developing initiatives that work towards promoting reconciliation for the remainder of their lives. It is important to remember that it is our shared responsibility to not just acknowledge the traditional custodians of this abundant land but also work with our indigenous communities so that they may have the same opportunities that all students and staff share at Our Lady of Sion College.